School of Foreign Languages (SFL) was formally established in 2001, born out of Department of Foreign Languages which was set up in 1984. However, our history can be traced back in 1956 when a small-sized teaching group was created. In the course of our over six decades of development, the school has established a comprehensive educational system, comprising undergraduate and postgraduate degree programs, providing courses for continuing education and foreign students. We offer language courses in English, Japanese, French, German and Russian. Our role at UESTC is indispensable, in accounts of students’ education, improving qualities of each program, researching in liberal arts and humanities, international cooperation and exchanges, shaping campus culture as well as serving the community.

We have 116 full-time teaching staff, among whom 56% hold professorship or associate professorship, and 63.8% of them once studied abroad. There are one professor nominated as “New Century Excellent Talent”, and one nominated “Ethics Model in Teaching” by the Ministry of Education. One professor was nominated as “Eminent Teacher” by Sichuan Provincial Government and one professor was listed as “Leading Academic and Technological Scholar in Sichuan” by the provincial government while two professors were candidates of the same program. SFL has been engaging consistent academic exchanges with leading universities and research institutions overseas. Scholars and professors from US, UK, France, Japan and other countries were invited to give us talks or to be our adjunct professors.

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